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Upcoming Outreach Events:

     • 13 Dec 2019 ESR 2 will be participating in SPIE Student chapter activities at the Lichtjevond (Lightfestival) at Delft, Netherlands,

     • Feb/March 2020: ESR 3 will participate in the ‘Åbent Hus på DTU’ (Open house at DTU) event, held annually and attracting thousands of young people

     • ESR 3 is participating in the Bestil en Forsker (Book a Researcher) scheme at DTU. The talk will also become available on the internet.

     • ESR 4 is planning to produce a short video about FONTE research and its ESRs, to be made available on the project website

     • ESR 1 has joined the OSA/SPIE student chapter at Aston University and will take an active role in their upcoming outreach events.

     • All ESRs are planning to visit local high schools in 2020 to talk about Photonics and FONTE in particular.

     • CityFest Birmingham.8 July 2020  – POSTPONED due to COVID19! –   A major city-wide Outreach Event in Birmingham
A science festival – an exposition of technologies that will underpin the city of the future. It will consist of interactive demonstrations, group workshops and public lectures, predominantly (but not exclusively) provided by Aston University researchers. The structure is modelled on the successful Lightfest event of 2015, which drew about 12,000 people to the Library of Birmingham. http://lightfest2.astonwordpress.co.uk Although open to all members of the general public, CityFest will particularly target secondary school pupils, including those from deprived areas of Birmingham.’

Previous AiPT Outreach events:

Here are some examples of activities the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AiPT) at Aston University has organised previously in other H2020 ITNs.:

LightFest www.lightfest.org.uk

…TV appearance of ESRs in the Initial training Network TRIPOD


… and sugar rocks (sweets) to explain fibre lasers to a younger audience

Still stuck for outreach ideas? More ideas for outreach activities are listed here

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