Outreach Activities

International Women’s Day 2022 (link to post)
11 Mar 2022
Together with the Optica Student Chapter at Aston University, FONTE is organising a 1-day Round Table Careers’ event: ‘Beyond PhD: Celebrating Women in STEM Careers

IDL Summit at AiPT
16-21 May 2021
A week-long celebration of the International Day of Light with lectures and activities.

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Optical Society Ambassador
19 May 2021
As OSA Ambassador Francesco Da Ros will aim to mentor and inspire the next generation of students and early career professionals.

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Vinod presents at ‘DCSC Thesis Market
10 Nov 2021
Vinod BAJAJ presented a TU Delft’s Thesis Market, showcasing his research to both exising staff and MSc students.download poster here

Foreign Language Bulletins

Oct 2020
To reach the widest possible audience FONTE ESRs have produced research bulletins in a number of languages.

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International Day of Light 2021 Brochure

16 May 2021
Celebrating the International Day of Light FONTE ESRs describe how their research relates to the concept of ‘Light’.

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Internat. Day of Women In Engineering

23 Jun 2021
To celebrate INWED2021 and rainse the profile of Woman In Engineering, EC Project Managers at AiPT produced a poster.

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AiPT International Day of Light
Summit 2021
(link to agenda)

21 May 2021
A day of light-themed lectures and fun

Outreach to Smartnet, Pixnet and EMIMEO (link to post)

24 Mar 2021
ESR1 and ESR3 join Project Manager leading Outreach Event to 95 EMJMD students

ESR4 live discussion on Instagram (link to recording)

04 Mar 2021
Abtin Shahkarami (FONTE EID) & Elliot London (WON ETN) talking live on Instagramm about life under COVID lockdown and their research in two H2020 Project (t=13min)

Previous AiPT Outreach events:

Here are some examples of activities the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AiPT) at Aston University has organised previously in other H2020 ITNs.:

LightFest www.lightfest.org.uk

…TV appearance of ESRs in the Initial training Network TRIPOD


… and sugar rocks (sweets) to explain fibre lasers to a younger audience

Still stuck for outreach ideas? More ideas for outreach activities are listed here

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