Outreach Activities

ESR4 live discussion on Instagram (link to recording)

Abtin Shahkarami (FONTE EID) & Elliot London (WON ETN) talking live on Instagramm about life under COVID lockdown and their research in two H2020 Project (t=13min)

Outreach to Smartnet, Pixnet and EMIMEO (link to post)

ESR1 and ESR3 join Project Manager leading Outreach Event to 95 EMJMD students

Previous AiPT Outreach events:

Here are some examples of activities the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AiPT) at Aston University has organised previously in other H2020 ITNs.:

LightFest www.lightfest.org.uk

…TV appearance of ESRs in the Initial training Network TRIPOD


… and sugar rocks (sweets) to explain fibre lasers to a younger audience

Still stuck for outreach ideas? More ideas for outreach activities are listed here

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