The following posts are examples of Outreach Activities completed by FONTE ESRs:

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Upcoming Outreach Events:

  • 13 Dec 2019 ESR 2 will be participating in SPIE Student chapter activities at the Lichtjevond (Lightfestival) at Delft, Netherlands,
  • Feb/March 2020: ESR 3 will participate in the ‘Åbent Hus på DTU’ (Open house at DTU) event, held annually and attracting thousands of young people
  • ESR 3 is participating in the Bestil en Forsker (Book a Researcher) scheme at DTU. The talk will also become available on the internet.
  • ESR 4 is planning to produce a short video about FONTE research and its ESRs, to be made available on the project website
  • ESR 1 has joined the OSA/SPIE student chapter at Aston University and will take an active role in their upcoming outreach events.
  • All ESRs are planning to visit local high schools in 2020 to talk about Photonics and FONTE in particular.

Previous AiPT Outreach events:

Here are some examples of activities the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AiPT) at Aston University has organised previously in other H2020 ITNs.:

LightFest www.lightfest.org.uk

…TV appearance of ESRs in the Initial training Network TRIPOD


… and sugar rocks (sweets) to explain fibre lasers to a younger audience

Still stuck for outreach ideas? More ideas for outreach activities are listed here

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