IP & Awards

01 Jun 2021

Patent submitted

A confidential European Patent Application has been filed involving FONTE ESR Stenio M. Ranzini of DTU and Nokia (Stuttgart)

09 Sept 2021.  Stenio M. Ranzini has received the

Danish Optical Society Junior Award 2021

for research done during with PhD in FONTE at the Technical University of Denmark DTU and during his secondment to Nokia Bell Labs Stuttgart. The award recognises not just scientific contribution to the field of optics and photonics, but also more wider reaching enthusiasm and professional commitment in general.

11 June 2021.  Vinod BAJAJ has been selected as finalist in the

Corning Outstanding Student Paper Competition 2021

for his OFC submission: V. Bajaj, F. Buchali, M. Chagnon, S. Wahls, and V. Aref, ”54.5 Tb/s WDM transmission over Field Deployed Fiber Enabled by Neural Network-Based Digital Pre-Distortion

Established in 2007, The Corning Outsanding Student Paper Competition recognizes innovation, research excellence, and presentation abilities in optical communications. While just missing out on the top prize, Vinod’s submission came second and also received one of the two $1000 Honorable Mentions in recognition of his work.

30 July 2020.  Vinod BAJAJ received the

Bell Labs Summer Intern Award for Outstanding Innovation

Awarded for applying novel neural network based digital pre-distortion to a high baud rate transmitter enabling a record net transmission capacity of 1.6 Terabits per second over single wavelength (of 80 km of standard fiber). The work has now beed published under DOI 10.1109/ECOC48923.2020.9333267
Open Access link here

Especially impressive, as this work has been completed during the global COVID-19 pandemic!