Deliverables (public)

(confidential deliverables are located in members-only area))

Date Deliverable
31 May 2022 Deliverable D7.3 Final Report on Publications and Public Engagement Activities completed
10 May 2022 D5.5 Achievable rate and transmission distance of the NFT-based communication system
25 Mar 2022 D5.4 NFT-WDM transmission systems
29 Sep 2021 D5.3 Quantification of performance degradation due to components imperfection
11 Mar 2021 D4.3 Capacity limits of NFDM optical fibre networks
24 Nov 2020 D6.8 Third year FONTE workshop
21 Sept 2020 D 5.2 Experimental transmissions of NFT-based systems, including (1) the NFDM systems and (2) the nonlinear inverse synthesis systems
30 May 2020 D7.2 Interim Report on Publications and Public Engagement Activities completed
30 May 2020 D2.3 Numerical and experimental validation of the robust modulation formats
30 May 2020 D1.3 Numerical verification of advanced modulation techniques
30 May 2020 D1.2 New modulation techniques for NFT systems
19 May 2020 D3.3 Performance analysis of monitoring techniques based on machine learning
21 Apr 2020 D6.7 Open-to-all Workshop 3 (OTAW III)
26 Mar 2020 D4.2 Multi-user communication and information theory
20 Mar 2020 D6.6 Transferable Skills Workshop TSW2
28 Feb 2020 D6.5 Second year FONTE workshop
24 Dec 2019 D5.1 Transmission regime definition and plan of experiments
21 Nov 2019 D1.1 Review and optimization results for the NIS NFT-based systems
30 Sept 2019 D4.1 Principles of linear and nonlinear frequency-division multiplexing
16 Sep 2019 D6.4 Open-to-all Workshop 2 (OTAW II)
03 Sept 2019 D6.1 Declarations of Conformity submitted to EC
05 Aug 2019 D2.2 Software implementations of the developed robust NFT algorithms
22 Jun 2019 D6.2 1st year FONTE workshop and TSW I
30 May 2019 D6.3 Open-to-all Workshop 1 (OTAW I)
22 May 2019 D3.2 System identification and parameter estimation
27 Mar 2019 D2.1 Report on major impairments in NFT-based transmission
21 Jan 2019 D3.1 Survey of machine learning algorithms for optical performance monitoring
17 Oct 2018 D7.1 FONTE Website developed