In FONTE, most deliverables and publications are open access and freely available from our website.
To access specific areas of FONTE Dissemination and Public Engagement, please use the drop-down menue.


Further General Information:

  1. Dissemination and communication: Understand the difference, and don’t confuse them:
    and exploitation is about the results of the project and is targeted at peers.
    Communication, incl public outreach, is to show how the research, training and mobility contribute to the «Innovation Union» goals, and account for public spending
  2. The H2020 Guidelines to the Rules on Open Access can be found here.
    The difference between Green and Gold Open Access is detailed on p3.
  3. Here is a useful EC background note on open access in H2020
  4. What is a ‘trusted archive’ for Open Access deposition? Download pdf here
  5. Difference between Communication and Outreach
  6. Difference between Communication and Dissemination
  7. Social Media Guide
  8. Increasing  the impact of communincation
  9. Communicating EC research
  10. Communicating your Project in Digital excellence & Science Infrastructure
  11. Decision time: to publish or to exploit

The 60-minute workout webinar to increase the communication impact of your project

What is Science Communication? – The EU Guide to Science Communication