Newsletters & Bulletins

FONTE talks and posters at OFC 2022
(Mar ’22; San Diego, USA)

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FONTE talks and posters at ECOC 2021
(Sept ’21; Bordeaux)

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(Oct 2021)

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Foreign Language Bulletins
(Oct 2020)

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International Day of Light 2021 Brochure (May 2021)
Our ESRs describe how their research relates to the concept of «light».

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FONTE 3rd Year Brochure
(Jun 2021)

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Newsletter Issue 1
(May 2019)

Newsletter Issue 2
(Jan 2020)

Newsletter Issue 3
(Jul 2020)


FONTE ESRs are active and contributing members of several studet chapters and postgraduate societies, such as

     • Local Student chapter of OSA/IEEE at Aston, Delft and DTU

     • Aston Postgraduate Research Society

     • Marie Curie Alumni Association MSCAA

     • Student Ambassadors at home universities

     • ESR4 (Vlad) is a member of BrumAI, an award-winning Artificail Intelligence Meetup group with over 1000 members of the general public in the wider West Midlands Area in the UK.