Nokia Bell Labs

General Description

Nokia is one of the leading system vendors for mobile broadband networking solutions, including IP technologies, applications, and services. In 2012 it was ranked technology super-sector leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. With the Nokia Bell Labs (NBL) the company has one of the largest and most recognised research organisations focused on communications technology and conducting fundamental research in this field. Bell Labs is home of 8 Nobel Prize winners and significantly contributed to Nokia’s worldwide patent portfolio that includes about 30,000 patents.

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

Nokia Bell Labs (formally of Nokia Networks and Solutions) is the heart of Nokia’s research with Stuttgart being the leading European location in Wireless Access technologies. About 150 researchers work at Bell Labs Stuttgart. They focus on developing innovative technologies, which will drive product development in the mid- to long term. Among these are 5G and network architectures for distributed cloud computing that include exciting new concepts for security and energy-efficient networks. Top researchers with high international reputation will advise the young researchers on location and Bell Labs’ best experts will be only a phone call away for professional consulting.
This outstanding expertise is complemented by a professional internship programme, with a large number of international PhD students and Post-docs visiting every year. This programme fosters a lively, highly excellent environment with students from top Universities such as SUPELEC, KTH, EPFL, University of Cambridge, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the California Institute of Technology, and Princeton University. The programme guarantees one-to-one scientific mentorship, a lightweight publication process, and efficient administration.
The resources provided to the students include a powerful computation cluster, access to scientific software and bibliographic databases, access to expensive measurement and optical transmission hardware, prototypes and several optical fibre transmission link test-beds including a recirculating loop. Access to high-quality and unique data sets from extensive measurement campaigns can be provided, if need be.