Other Dissemination Activities

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Date Event Location Details type of audience size of event
9-10 Oct 2019 Photonex Europe 2019 Coventry, UK FONTE present as part of the AiPT stand at major conference and trade exhibition. Researchers & engineers from industry & academia. Presence of over 90 SMEs and companies 1100
18-20 Sept 2019 Optical Solitons and Frequency Comb Generation 2019 Berlin, Germany FONTE Coordinator Prof. S. Turitsyn invited speaker at this important conference and networking event, speaking to colleagues about FONTE Scientists 30-35
Sep 2019 Produced Brochure: AiPT Educational Programmes 2019-20 Aston University; UK Brochure produced about Educational programmes at AiPT, including project FONTE Scientists; graduate and undergraduate students unknown
July/Aug 2019 ErasmusPlus Staff Exchange involving FONTE Ukraine Yaroslav Prylepskiy, FONTE WP1 leader and supervisor, spearheads the organisation of an ErasmusPlus Staff Exchange Programme involving the National Technical University of Ukraine – Kyiv Polytechnic Institutey, one of the most prestigious institutions in the Ukraine. One of the aim of this exchange is disseminating FONTE project details, enriching research and collaboration ties, and delivering lectures & seminars to FONTE ESRs. Ukranian Scientists small
23-27 Jun 2019 CLEO EUROPE 2019 Munich, Germany Banner produced about AiPT ITNs including FONTE for booth at Conference Scientists; companies 3800
May 2019 Research Gate online A FONTE Project Page was encoded on this social networking site for scientists and researchers) Scientists 15 Mill users of site
May 2019 Produced Brochure: AiPT Research Aston University; UK Brochure produced about Research at AiPT, including project FONTE Scientists unknown
3-7 Mar 2019 Optical Fiber Communication Conference OFC 2019 San Diego, USA Flyer about FONTE distributed Scientists; companies 15400