International Women’s Week 2022

March 7, 2022 christiane

The FONTE consortium is joining forces with the Aston Optica / SPIE / IEEE Student Chapter, organising an all-day Round Table Event, to commemorate International Women’s Week (7-11 March 2022), and celebrating Women in STEM Careers.

The hybrid event (on-site at Aston University and online) features speakers, across genders, talking about their personal experience in moving from a PhD into careers in academia, industry and publishing, Sharing their personal experiences about their professional journey and talking about the skills and know-hows they deem necessary for their vocations, this inspirational event is a great opportunity to hear not only about their achievements but also their struggles and not-so- straight timelines of pursuing the career of their choice.

The event will encourage participant to consider a variety of career options and nature an understanding of how to gain a foothold in different professions after finishing a PhD.

The event is open not only to Women in STEM Careers, but to a diverse general audience, and we hope participants from all educational levels and work spheres would join to appreciate the narratives.