Outreach & Communication: Info and ideas

  1. Is it Outreach or Dissimination? The difference is explained here
  2. Social Media Guide (EC Publication)
  3. “What is Science Communication?” – The EU Guide to Science Communication  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E8rXg3Nv7U
  4. The 60-minute workout webinar to increase the communication impact of your project  http://www.streamdis.eu/commsworkout2/
  5. Communicating EC research – contains lots of guidance and ideas


Other ideas for outreach activities:

  1. Marie Curie Ambassadors: Marie Curie fellows visit schools, universities, community organisations, etc. to promote their research field to students and public audiences. They also assist teachers in preparing and delivering teaching materials.
  2. Workshop Day: A Marie Curie project runs a workshop/activity day in areas related to the raising of scientific awareness, for school students and their parents and university students. ƒ
  3. Summer-School Week: Students spend one week in a summer school where they learn first-hand about a Marie Curie fellow’s experience and their current research activities or wider scientific issues; the Marie Curie fellows prepare specific activities, lectures and experiments. ƒ
  4. Marie Curie Project Open Day: Students and the general public visit the research institutions or labs and receive lectures or hear about fellows’ experiences first-hand. Such an event is typically organised as a continuation of project meeting (for example a Mid-Term Review meeting;  the responsible PO and Expert Reviewers can attend the event and follow  up the different activities and their impact).  ƒ
  5. Public talks, TV-Talks, podcasts, YouTube videos and articles in Newspapers: Marie Curie fellows give a public talk/TV interview or write an article in the local newspaper about the results of the project and how these results could be  relevant to the general public.  ƒ
  6. e-Newsletters: Marie Curie fellows develop a web-based document to be released on the Internet for a public audience (e.g. Wikipedia).  ƒ
  7. Multimedia releases: Marie Curie fellows make video-clips to be released on the Internet.