ICTON2019 and MALOC Workshop

March 8, 2019 christiane

FONTE is co-organising the Workshop ‘Machine Learning for Optical Communications (MALOC)
to coincide with the 21th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks ICTON2019 http://www.icton2019.com  at Angers, France, July 9th-13th, 2019

‘This workshop will bring together researchers from the fields of optical communication, networks  and  communication  theory  to  identify  and  address  areas  where  machine  learning could be applied to help design next-generation communication networks. The objective  is  to  identify  a  set  of  new  and  important  use  cases  where  machine  learning  offers  unique  value  in  improving  communication  systems  or  networks.’ 

Read more about the scope of the MALOC workshop here

Among the organisers are FONTE’s own Mansoor Yousefi (TPT) and Sergei Turitsyn (AST).
The ICTON Conference registration fee of 390EURO, as well as travel and accommodation costs can be covered by the FONTE RTN budget.