Abtin Shahkarami

Abtin received both his Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Tehran in Computer Science and Multimedia Systems, respectively. In 2017 he was awarded “Top inventor of the University of Tehran” for creating a speech recognition device for the Persian language called “Ravannevis”. In addition he got the first-rank student in the Master’s level.

Abtin’s Master’s thesis was in the area of configuring topology of classifiers in real-time large-scale stream mining systems, an area where he hold a publicationin the prestigeous Springer Nature Journal.

Prior to joining Telecom Paristech,.Abtin worked as a research assistant at the Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany).
In his free time Abtin is a passionate fan of learning, innovating, and swimming.






Abtin’s Blog – the home of his blog is here

Abtin’s Website

A short video by Abtin about his hometown Teheran

(Video in French with English subtitles)