Vladislav Neskorniuk

Vladislav Neskorniuk received both his B.Sc. degree (2015) and M.degree with honors (2017) from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the leading physics educational institution in Russia and the former Soviet Union. The topic of his master thesis was the nonlinear phenomena in fiber-optic communication systems, in particular, stable molecules of solitons. Having graduated, Vladislav gained research experience both in academia and in industry. He spent a year finalizing his master research in Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, a brand-new university, established in Russia in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Later, Vladislav worked at Huawei, where he developed and numerically tested methods of nonlinear interference compensation in fiber-optic communication systems.

Before joining AiPT, Vladislav authored several conference papers and an “Optics Letters” journal paper. His works at Huawei were awarded company’s “Technolgy and Breakthrough Award”.

Besides his research activities, Vladislav was an active member of the university debating community of Russia. He participated in the organization of several debating tournaments in Russia and raised substantial funds for one of them.

Email: v.neskorniuk@aston.ac.uk



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