Christiane Doering-Saad is the Project Manager of FONTE-EID. She has in-depth experience in managing large multi-national projects, and in particular muti-partner projects funded by the European Commission.

Having studied in Germany, Israel and the UK, she specialised in Plant Molecular Biology and worked as a research scientist in Europe and beyond, before moving away from active bench work and into the management of large-scale research project. Christiane has successfully managed several pan-European scientific project and training networks (Uncertweb (€3.7 million), TRIPOD (€3.1 million)) and is part of the management team of several other multi-million European projects MULTIPLY (6.3 million), SMARTNET (€3.2 million) and PIXNET(€3.2 million). Apart from her role in FONTE-EID she is also the EC Project Management Coordinator for the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies.

Christiane’s many hobbies include gardening, pottery, travelling and anything creative.




Phone: ++44 (0) 121 204 3511


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